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The Handmade Bag

As a kid, I remember I had two school bags.

One was an aluminium box which I hated as it used to give some black color to my hands, my clothes and also my books. May be it was a low quality aluminium and that too exposed to dirt & grime while travelling.

I never complained as I knew there were no options. But somehow my Mom guessed it.

One fine day while getting ready for school I found that my school box was empty. I got bewildered. I was about to cry when my Mom came with a cloth bag and gave it to me. I was confused.

...And then when I took that bag in my hand I realised that my school books were in it. I didn't had time to react but felt very happy and rushed to catch my school bus.

My Mom had actually utilised one of my Dad's old overalls which were made of very rugged cloth material. She had no formal training but could visualise a sling bag, cut it herself and then using her sewing machine sewed it too. She even used the overall's buttons to make the cover flap for the bag. WOW.

With limited resources available my Mom has added so many smiles to my days ahead.

...and today when I walk through the lanes of General bazaar i see so many designs of bags available. Various sizes, various prices..., kids today are so lucky.

But ironically I feel today's parents don't get that opportunity to do these little things for children with their own hand. Everything the kids need today, one can buy in the market.

But that care and thought in my sling bag what Mom made, is missing in these designer bags.

I wish I could enter the lanes of childhood once again and hug my Mom on that moment when she gave me that bag. "Love you Ammi".

While I am travelling back in my childhood you keep exploring these bags on streets of Hyderabad.

C ya soon

Capt Ahmed

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