Capt  Ahmed, fortunately was born in a Defence family.  As father was in a transferable job, he could travel across India, that too by trains.


He got to observe life from very close quarters. His childhood and growing up years were mostly in the vicinity of loneliness. His company were mostly trees, skies, birds, Earth, Sun, farms, jungles and sometimes children from neighborhood. 

The villages in Premchand stories were influential n his formative years as he spent lot of time around villages due to his dad's postings in remote areas. He could feel the writings. 

The wilderness of an open spaces made him stretch his thinking beyond the conventional teachings..., and he truly started experiencing life.


That childhood had a mind, that looked beyond ordinary. May be that's the reason, today also even a small thing on the street fancies him and he is making ordinary streets into STREATS.

Settled in Hyderabad now, Capt Ahmed has traveled from Himalayas to the Indian Ocean . Touched the waters of both, Bay of Bengal as well as Arabian Sea. Been in Rann of Kutchh as well as the deserts of Rajasthan. Taken a dip in Ganges and also sipped water on the hills of Vindhyas. He had met many Sadhus, Darvesh & spiritual beings who roam alone. Temples, Gurdwaras, Church, Stupas, Mosques..., been to all places that open doors to Human Beings. His heart is Human and Humanity is his life.

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