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Tempting Streets!

Streets tempt you, come what may.

However big a big-city-mall-shopper you are... Whatsoever big brands you might be driving... So what if you are one of the top hundred industrialists...

When it comes to street temptations, dil to bachcha hai ji...

Seldom people in such segments walk on common streets but even they can not escape the charm of having a bhutta (corn) from the roadside vendor who is using coals and a hand-fan to roast it.

One might be walking in the high end supermarkets to buy fruits but a bandi (hand cart) certainly attracts you that displays pears or other seasonal fruits, in a painstaking fashion.

General market in Secunderabad is one such area, which attracts one and all. Ladies from the posh families also love to shop here. the hustle bustle, the crowd, the hawkers shrieking voices, nothing perturbs them.

May be these are the very things which are so-very-missed in the super posh malls which are so very western.

May be an India is still living in our hearts somewhere and roaming around in these streets quenches that thirst which we are mostly unaware of.

The thirst to return to our own roots, which is so deeply crushed by the superficial western glamour.

I am quenching my thirst very often

now, what about you?

C ya soon Capt Ahmed

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