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Summer Juice!

Updated: May 26, 2019

Summers have created havoc this time.

43 or 44 degrees had been normal day time temperature for past nearly a month. Strangely the streets.of Hyderabad which always remained cool in the harsh temperatures, were uncomfortable as this year's summers had brought with it, humidity and sweat.

Very strange phenomenon for Hyderabad. But thanks to local fruit juice sellers there was some respite.

I met one such juice seller in one of the bastis of Secunderabad, who had put an interesting juice kiosk.

Right from neemu paani (lemon water), to orange flavoured drinks he had a collection of Mango, Badam Milk, Rich fruit milk shake and few more variety.

The location and servings were not welcoming but then the burning Sun pushed us towards that nakhlistaan (Oasis - as in deserts).

beat the Summer with chilled juices

The dry fruit juice that I asked for was actually chilled, beyond my expectations. Holding the glass itself was a big relief and taste too was OK. But what excited me even more was that every 30 seconds some or the other kid was running in with Rs 5 coin or a note of 10 and were asking for neemu paani or orange drink which costed only Rs 5.

This boy 'Chinna' used to pack these drinks in air tight plastic pouches and give to kids. Not just the basti people, even office boys from nearby commercial complexes, were taking it for their bosses.

More and more people today are moving away from aerated drinks and this small kiosk is offering a decent option. With lesser rates he was able to attract many and his dustbin was a proof of his good business.

On persuading, he told that in peak summers, he sells at least 1000 glasses per day, Phew.

Chinna..., keep it up

His family puts this juice center every year and only for these 3 months of summer. After that the focus shifts to fruit selling and other seasonal businesses.

I was overwhelmed by the business acumen this family had. Appears to be that they had no solid educational back ground. But they knew how to use season and it's difficulties in their favour, This young boy Chinna was attending this from morning till night and doing full justice to his summer vacation.

At an age when most of the kids want to play video game, go for a movie or just chill in the Air conditioned rooms, this boy was helping his family, earning money and at the same time learning customer handling at such an early age.

I will not be surprised if this Chinna becomes one big business-man tomorrow. Well I will go for another juice today before monsoon strikes and Chinna shuts this juice kiosk to start a new business.

C ya soon

Capt Ahmed

The cool Orange freshness

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