• Capt SN Ahmed

Street Dancer

I was returning late from one of the meetings. Tired and fatigued out..., I was in a hurry to reach home.

But the traffic signal at Paradise was taking it's own sweet time to turn green.

With no other options I was just looking around and found someone still at work, other than my auto driver. Still perfect in his work and in a jubilant mood.

This was a small boy who appeared to be begging. But no, he had added a professional approach to begging. He was pretending to clean the cars with his shirt and was asking people to pay some money for food. It's quite a usual practice on our streets now a days.

But what caught my attention was that, whether he got a Rupee or not, his spirit was not dampened. He broke into a small dance right there on the road.

The noise of the traffic was his music and he was just letting his energy out. No worries about who is watching or what is he doing. Oblivion of the worldly eyes, he was in his own little world.

The streets were his..., home..., playground..., school... and stage.

He was performing an act called LIFE and was completely living himself. Like a true performer, he didn't bother whether the audience (the passers by) have cars, bikes or autos. He was just happy with himself. No complains. No expectations.

Wish we all could break into such impromptu dance once in a while and break free from the clutter of worldly bindings. Why can't we remove our shirts made of tensions and just wipe ourselves to let the happiness smile and shine...

Just like this little boy.

Well, the signal turned green and I pushed off. But my eyes were still searching for the boy who must would have been dancing on the other side of the streets by now.

I hope I can see and meet him again so that I can discover some of his secrets of his bindaas approach towards life.

C ya soon

Capt Ahmed www.captionz.biz

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