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Silent Sleep

As far as I knew, Railway stations were full of people, dhakkam-dhukki, mad rush, coolies, chaywallas, beggars, black coats, and lots of sweating....

Well, I experienced something quite opposite.

It was after quite a long time I had an opportunity to travel by train that too late in the night. My train was at 1 am but I reached the station by 12 itself. It was Guntur, a city that is close to about 5 hours from Hyderabad if travelling by train.

I got down from the auto and moved around to have a cup of tea, expecting lots of midnight tea and snacks corners. But to my surprise, the area was sleeping dead. No shops were open and only auto guys were awake expecting an odd customer at that time.

Disappointed, I entered the railway platform.

...and I was welcomed by an eerie silence. The long platform was looking spooky but beautiful. The lights of the platform were trying hard to beat the darkness which in return was trying to encroach every possible corner.

I honestly couldn't believe that I was at a Railway station. I looked around and found just an old lady and an old man who were also here to catch the train. Two coolies were walking around. But besides us, there was absolutely nobody.

Wondering why, I started walking and I noticed few people sleeping on the platform.

Initially I ignored them but then I realised that these sleeping people were mostly homeless people and not travellers.

The platform floor was their bed and the fans above, were circulating some air for them.The station which wouldn't have allowed them an entry in the daytime was providing them shelter at night.

Each one was in his own dreamworld. Their sleep was so deep that nothing in the world seems to disturb them. This is the kind of sleep many rich people can not get even in their AC bedrooms.

I didn't know whether to sympathise with them for being homeless or thank God for blessing them with such a nice sleep and providing them these platforms at least, as night shelters?

Well it was beyond me to find answers... If you have, please enlighten me.

C ya soon

Capt Ahmed

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