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Shafts of Goa

This time it was different. It reminded me of the shafts in Goa.

I was going for my regular evening walk (though it was already dark). In today's busy lifestyle when do we really get back home before sunset so that we can go for an evening walk..., in it's literal sense.

However I was walking and I saw in far end of the road one of the compounds was illuminated with lights. Birthday parties are regular so I didn't give it much a thought. But as I approached I found that it was not a birthday party.

...and before I could figure out I found this little girl come over to me and in very confident tone ask me, "Uncle would please come in..., have some banana cakes or lemonade we have prepared."

I honestly couldn't resist as the decor had already attracted me.

A neat black board was displaying the menu of 4 items these bunch of girls, have prepared (of course with the help of their mothers).

It was a portico converted into the shaft.

Home furniture was used for guests to be comfortable. Well, there were books displayed for you to read in case you wanted to indulge. The clothesline were used to hang various decorative hangings. Then there was also a synthesizer in case you loved music.

When not much of guests were there, these little girls played synthesizer and sang along. It was a fun evening for them and at the same time a baby step towards the business acumen. They had a record of menu, orders and also costings. Responsibilities were also clear. Raga will take the order, Nidhi will serve and Zoya will take the feedback. WOW.

I had some banana cakes & biscuit macroons and let me tell you they were damn tasty. Priced quite less for the efforts they had put in..., but they were damn thrilled on the billing they were doing.

I was impressed. The new generation is much ahead of even the current generation. India is sure to rise high and only high. And the baby footprints can be seen right here in any of the streets you walk in today.

So keep walking..., and observing. We are the one to motivate the youngsters. Don't leave an opportunity to pat the backs of such energetic children. Pl share your incidences also, whenever you come across such vibrant children.

C ya soon

Capt Ahmed

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