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Satyamev Jayte

Satyamev Jayate..., I discovered that on the streets of Hyderabad.

We all keep complaining that the auto fellows in Hyderabad charge what they wish and don't follow meter. Well my question is : How many times do we turn down such auto drivers who don't travel by meter?

Yesterday I did. To save my tensions of traffic woes, I decided to take an auto instead of driving down to Banjara Hills at 11 AM. As usual the auto guys started demanding 100, 90 or 150. On asking to go by meter most of them started arguments and I declined. There were 5 auto guys who stood around me pestering me with their reasons for not using the meter. "saab meter kharab hai", "saab kya milta saab, 10 rupaye extra poochh ra hoon" and like wise.

I got sick and moved away. I waved hand to another auto. I asked "Meter?". He said "yes" and I just sat inside. The other auto guys gave dirty looks but that doesn't matter. They lost a prospective customer.

By meter I paid a round figure of Rs 100/-. And I was satisfied.

Same story repeated on the way back. I turned away 2 before I got the one who was ready to go by meter.

If we all start doing like this, I am sure the loss will ensure non-meter-auto-guys to change themselves and follow right charging methods.

So let's be determined and bring in the change by refusing to budge for malpractices in all public services. Many are already doing it but we need more of us to bring in that change what we wish to see.

I have started. Now it's your turn.

C ya soon

Capt Ahmed

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