• Capt SN Ahmed


Hanuman flew thousands of mile to get Sanjeevani.

But i think I was lucky.

I just needed to walk by the street. On the busy road near Swapnalok, (one of the oldest shopping & commercial complexes of Secunderabad), my eyes suddenly discovered a flash of freshness which was breathtaking.

There were two boys selling greenery in bottles. It was like mini pines that have travelled down from the slopes of Himalayas.

I was mesmerised.

A young boy had put up three bottles full of this green plant and a basket full of dried up saplings sort of things, which were rolled in like tennis balls. I couldn't resist and asked the boy about this beautiful display and he said...., "ee sanjeebnai hai" (This is Sanjeevani). He said his boss has got it from Haridwar and he is selling like this everyday.

While I was lured by the beauty of the Himalayan moss I was pained to see that the boy who was selling was hardly 13 or 14 years. The other boy might be around 17 or 18.

I asked them as to why they do this and why don't they study. The answer was painfully cold, "kaun bhejega school aur hum school jaayega to khayega kya" (Who will send us school and if we go to school what will we eat?)

Our governments talk so much on removing child labor but can't the officials see every street is filled up with some or the other child doing labor.just to earn a living .

I feel Bolivia is a better as compared to we Indians. At least they are not hypocrites. They have understood the reasons behind child labor and they have legalized it.

I hope I had some right, some source, some magic wand which would have enabled me help that child..., who was naive, innocent yet working; whose eyes have lost all the dreams and were busy counting as to how many more balls he needs to sell.

I could not muster more courage to ask him anything more on his life. I took out money and bought the two moss-balls.

But I sincerely want to know, how to help such children who work to earn for either themselves or their families. If someone has some practical solutions then please enlighten me. I will be waiting.

C ya soon Capt Ahmed www.captionz.biz

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