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Samosa Wala

Once again I was stalled...

Walking on the streets is really becoming difficult. I start for something and get delayed for reasons..., that are in abundance on the streets.

Well, what stalled me this time was Salman.., Mohd Salman- the samose wala.

In the Sunny afternoon, he had his shop established under a tree, on his cycle. One look, and I once again travelled back to my school days. Those were the days when facilities were not so commonly available, be it travelling, eating or even basic need of drinking water. Salman's cycle reminded me of an old man who used to get some chana-batana and phalli in a tokri, latched on to his cycle carrier. One 'pudiya' in 10 paisa. What a luxury it used to be that is, if we were able to buy it.

Salman's tokri was full of onion samosa. Neatly arranged well garnished with fried curry leaves and chillies, it was a tempting sight.

While many were coming and taking samosas I was just standing and observing. Finally Salman only said, "saab kucch loge ya khali dekhte rahoge..."

I smiled at him and started talking to him. This 20 year old man was in Hyderabad since he was a young child who had lost his mother. He was brought to Hyderabad by his elder brother - Mohd Shoeb.

In today's world also we have brothers like RAM and Mohd Shoeb is one such example.

Facing all odds, he nurtured his young brother. With whatever little means he had, he made his brother capable of standing on his feet. Not just that, when his wife asked to choose between her and the brother..., Shoeb had no option.

He opted to keep his brother as his brother Salman had nobody in the world except his elder brother. Wife walked out and Shoeb never married again.

Today Salman, a grown up boy, told me in his moist voice, "Saab aisa bhai ka to paanv dho ke peeyoon to bhi kum hai" (I am indebted for life for the sacrifices my brother has made because of me).

I was moved.

But Salman was smiling. While narrating his story to me, he had attended to nearly 10 customers and few of them stopped there only, surprised as to why I am talking to a samosa wala.

Well, I ordered for some samosas for myself - 20 for Rs 10. I ate one and then second and third automatically followed. The taste was awesome.

All said and done, I don't regret the delay as I got to know fairy tale story of two great brothers and also got to taste some yummy street side samosas.

So next time you see a samosa-wala on a cycle, do stop by and take a bite. Who knows you may also discover some great taste and an interesting piece of life

C ya soon

Capt Ahmed

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