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Republic Day

Republic day parade makes India proud. No doubt.

But what made me proud & humble were these little kids who were really involved in celebrating Republic Day.

I was going for my regular walk early in the morning yesterday and saw many kids sitting on the ground and doing something. Out of curiosity I crossed the road to have a look.

These children who were mostly in age group of around 8 to 12 were from very poor background with only one surviving parent. Government runs a hostel for such kids where they stay and get breakfast and dinner.

These children were ready in their school uniform, few with shoes, few with slippers and few were barefoot. The chill was actually not pleasant and given a choice children of this age group would like to tuck themselves in bed for another hour of sleep.

But these children were making Rangoli to pay respect to our Motherland to celebrate Republic Day. Using some colours, some stones, some leaves they had put together India's map, Tricolor and flowers. Ranglois were not great but the excitement was amazing.

Each child wanted to contribute in this National Festival.

Most of us plan to go for a movie or a lavish buffet or some shopping or just relax at home on Republic day but here were these kids who were not bothered about such luxuries. For them, Republic Day Celebration itself was a big luxury.

These kids on the streets of Hyderabad made me look at life with their perspective - start finding happiness in smaller things in life and not wait for something big to happen.

This Republic Day was really special for me.

I am looking forward to meet these kids again soon and will revert to you all with some insight into their lives.

C ya soon

Capt Ahmed

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