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Raju Banega Gentlemen!!

I am not a very pet-friendly person. But the other day I was awestruck with what I saw...

I was returning from my morning exercise and I saw a dog crossing the road in full speed and then suddenly he jumped on a boy who was standing near a Kachara- Kundi (Grbage Bin)

My heart was in my mouth.

But within a fraction of second the scenario changed. The dog which has leaped, was held by the boy and he was hugging the dog now as if the dog was his long lost friend.

I was surprised.

I patiently observed and I found that the boy was playing with the dog and vice versa. The boy was lifting the dog, tossing the dog and the dog was cooperating with equal enthu.

As soon as the dog ran away to chase few other dogs nearby, I approached the boy. The boy's name was 'Raju' and he has named the dog 'Gyanu'.

Raju's father works as a Kachrawala (garbage collector) and he also helps him every morning. Felt bad that he does not go to school as his father is not able to afford his schooling.

Looking at the way he was playing with his dog Gyanu, I feel this boy had immense potential. I wanted to help him in some way or the other, so I decided to return the next morning with some books.

But next day he was not there. The dog was there..., running around but Raju, his friend was absent. I am looking round for Raju and am sure I will soon see him again. But then I wonder there must be so many Rajus across the streets and how most of the Rajus are involved either helping their parents or doing some petty jobs to support their families?

I wish the respective departments of child labour do something, to nurture the potentials of every Raju instead of just punishing their parents or the places where they work.

However I wish to see Raju & Gyanu playing again very soon..., after Raju comes back from his school. Need your prayers & support.

Let us find such Raju in our neighbourhood and be a part of the change.

C ya soon Capt Ahmed

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