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Charminar... the symbol of Hyderabad is not the only thing that catches your attention when you are near Charminar.

Yes..., the streets around charminar are full of mesmerising little things and one that caught my attention was these small little toys fitted with LED lights.

As a child I loved the 'phrki'. The 'phirki' (a small toy that revolves on it's tip when whirled around using your fingers) used to be precious as we used to get it rarely. It costed anything between 10 paise to 1 Rupee, depending on the size and design. It used to be huge money for we children, those days.

I think I have tried every possible thing as 'phirki'. I even used to use large stylish buttons (used in cardigans those days) as 'phirki' by using a match stick poked in the center.

Not just that we also used our humble erasers as 'phirkis' by improvising it using pins or dry sticks.

Looking at these colourful illuminated 'phirkis' the child in me made me stop. For just Rs. 20/- each this was my entry ticket to my childhood. I picked up 4 of them and started playing there only to test the lights.

Mind you it was such a soulful experience. No inhibitions. Just me, the child in me and these amazing LED 'phirkis'

I suggest sometimes we should remove the tag of grown-ups from us and be the child we all want to be. It's truly wonderful.

So while you visit your childhood, I am going to see some other brilliant stuff on the streets of Hyderabad.

C ya soon. Capt Ahmed

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