• Capt SN Ahmed

Phir bi dil hai tandoori!

Phir bhi Dil hai hindustani....

Any non veg lover will easily understand what tandoor is..., specially tandoori chicken and tandoori roti.......and across the length and breadth of our subcontinent I think tandoori delicacies generate similar response. People waiting for their parcels, youngsters sitting on their bikes and enjoying the moments or the cook who is busy either making 'roti ke pede' aur making any other tandoor item.

Hyderabad is full of such tandoori joints and I found this one in Delhi. If I didn't know I was in Delhi, for me that joint could have been anywhere in Hyderabad or any other city of India.

Our streets and street foods are truly magical and somewhere are one of the factors behind the similarity in our thought process..., may be an integral part of national integration itself. isn't it?

Keep thinking.

C ya soon Capt Ahmed www.captionz.biz

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