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Old Age & Death

Old age & death... ...two inevitable truths. But then why do we turn a blind eye towards them when we are young?

Anyways, one lazy afternoon I was on the way to Sainikpuri and discovered a tree which appeared dead but had lots of greenery on top.

I got curious and went closer to the tree. The tree was actually dead and only dead wood was left. BUT there was life springing out of it. Some shrubs have climbed up and on top part of the decaying trunk they were flourishing giving an impression that it is the tree which has green leaves.

This dead tree was also hosting black ants who have found a great shelter, storehouse and a home in that decomposing trunk.

Even when dead the tree was supporting life.

I couldn't help relating the situation to the humans.

Our old parents and grand parents are our support all though their lives and even in old age they try their level best to bring peace and happiness at home. But then why most of the young ones find their elderly ones painful & irritating? Only if the young ones can give few moments of smiles to their elders, the old age will be as beautiful as the sight of this dead tree which was looking so green from a distance.

Those 10 minutes I spent near that tree were quite thoughtful. While the beauty was mesmerizing me the introspection of life has churned me from within.

Many such beauties are tucked in at various place in the streets of Hyderabad. You just need to open not just your eyes, but your hearts too.

Lets start preparing for our old age and the first step is to love and care for elder people at home. Lets make old age smile.

C ya soon Capt Ahmed

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