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Nights are the real day time!!

Alas..., I was a silent witness to a mass murder.

Nights are actually the real daytime.

...yes, on the streets of Hyderabad, I am discovering this fact. I thought old city was alive in nights, only during the holy month of Ramzaans. But I was grossly wrong.

After attending dinner at my friend's place we were out on a stroll in the Masab tank area. The lanes and by-lanes were quite active. At around 12 in the night, seeing kids and youngsters zipping around on bikes etc was an eye opener for me.

I had assumed it will be middle aged or elderly people who will be keeping the night life on but no, I was wrong.

...and then I came across this small stall where around 10 to 15 people were gathered.

I was surprised as he had only a thermal Flask but was selling 6 to 7 varieties of tea. Ginger Tea, Lemon tea, Mint tea were common but what astonished me was Jal jeera tea. And then there was Kalaunji Tea and Sonth tea, I was bewildered.

I couldn't believe Jal Jeera tea as Jal jeera is supposed to be a salty drink. To try it out I ordered for one.

Keeping my fingers crossed, I took the first sip.

You will not believe it, it was awesome. Heavenly, So refreshing. And so very different.

These unique combinations of tea were prepared by Wasim who has this tea stall for past three years. He sells these tea, at night only till morning 4 am. As per him the night life gets more active after 1 and is at peak till 3. On an average he sells at least 300 cups of tea per day... sorry per night.

What I have heard of Hyderabad's Nawabi lifestyle was proving right. People roam around till 2 & 3 in morning and sleep till late in afternoon. A unique lifestyle which I was totally unaware of.

Now I am planning to dedicate one night a week to experience this unique lifestyle of Hyderabad.

Hope I can get to know so much more.

C ya soon.

Capt Ahmed

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