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Naan Khatai

Naan Khatai.... this term today might sound funny to many...., but for many of us this was the only bakery item that was available readily at homes. Those were the days when not much of ready-made & branded munchies were available. Only Parle-G, Parry toffees and may be one or two more brands, were few good things that were available at homes or near by kirana stores.

The local bakers who used to provide double-roti and buns were also making these Indian biscuits that were called naan-khatais. These naan-khatais (as the name suggests) were not sour but mostly sweet or a mixture of salt & sweet.

These were the yummiest snacks after the Mom-made pakoraa, phallis, mixture, gulgula, mal pooa or a quick lassi.

And it was a breathtaking view when I saw the naan-khatais being made on the streets of Hyderabad. Gopi Yadav who hails from Badayun (UP) has interestingly made a mini-bhatthi (Indian oven that is heated with charcoal or wood) on a 5X4 bandi (hand-kart).

He makes fresh naan-khatais. I couldn't resist to taste one instantly. The warm n fresh taste made me go to my parent's house and in my Mom's kitchen where I used to eat these naan-khatais to kill my time. As there was hardly anything else to do beyond your hobby & studies, that one piece of naan-khatai was a big break from the boring daily pattern of routine life.

This mini-bakery-on-bandi was such an innovation. Gopi Yadav was just doing his business oblivion of the nostalgia he was providing to so many like me.

Gopi Yadav too was excited to discover my love for naan-khatais as he said, "saab ihaan naan-khtai bolo to kauno samajhte hi nahin hain ehi liye hum isko khoaa-biscuit bol ke bechta hoon (Sir, no one understand naan-khatai here that's why I sell them as Khoaa-buiscuits).

Well, khoa busicuit or naan-khatai, this treat on the streets of Hyderabad was indeed a memorable one.

C ya soon

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