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Mass Murder

Alas..., I was a silent witness to a mass murder.

I could do nothing else but mark a protest by clicking these images.

I drove in regularly like everyday and parked my vehicle. Got down and was walking down the drive way. I noticed a strange sight on my right.

A big wall had come up. Overnight? I was aghast.

...and quickly I realised that I had never seen this wall as it was always covered with the beautiful lush green leaves of Ashoka trees.

What happened to those Ashoka trees?

My mind got numb.

Around 10 to 15 Ashoka trees were cut down.

I asked the workers who were chopping off the last one and he just said that he is doing his job. I asked the contractor and he said they are asked to cut trees, and cement that extra two feet of space so that the parking space can be increased.

Agree, this certainly will reduce the problem of parking and ease of vehicle movement, but at what cost? I was almost in tears.

It reminded me of the mass murder that happened on the SP Road where hundreds of age old trees were cut down, to make way for the cement pillars holding the series of flyovers.

The face of Secunderabad had changed. The serene green road gave way to the future of progress. I had cried that time nearly 15 years ago and once again my heart was crying.

I am sure you all also must be undergoing such pains sometimes or the other? Don't you?

Hope some policy is formed where cutting the tree should become a punishable crime and transplantation of the trees should be made mandatory in case required.

Hope one day such rule is made by Government. I just worry that will there be enough trees left till then?

C ya soon

Capt Ahmed

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zeeshan ahmed
zeeshan ahmed
Nov 29, 2019

yes, we must be conscious about saving trees. Well written


Sanjay Jethani
Sanjay Jethani
May 30, 2019


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