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Made by his own Creation

Hyderabad keeps surprising me.

The month of Ramzan, was enjoyed by people across the faiths. If one colleague was fasting the others tried their level best not to have food or water in front of the fasting ones...; and if by chance they did, they apologized or nodded their head conveying... 'pl don't mind'.

With Eid & Ramzaan the season of festivals have begun. Barely the aroma of haleem has parted ways, the streets of Hyderabad are already preparing for Ganesh.

Due early September, the craftsmen are preparing the idols in full swing. On the outskirts of Vanasthalipuram I happened to walk in to one of the make-shift-hangers in which Ganesh and other idols were being made ready.

What a breath taking sight. It felt as if you are in Indra-darbar and all the Gods & Goddesses are looking upon you.

Most of the idols were waiting to get the final touches. As and when a customer comes, the work on the selected idol speeds up.

A complete family of three brothers their wives, brother in law and their children were earning their living from this. Migrated from Rajasthan, they have made their make-shift homes amidst their Gods. Lucky fellows.

As I observed one worker working on an idol, I was thinking..., what the God must be thinking?

...."The ONE who made the man himself is now being made by his own creation?"....

Don't know what the idol thought but that man working on it was sure thinking as to how much money he will get in the evening once this idol is done with...

God created ways of earning for everyone in this world and for few he comes down himself to help...,

...are all these shilpkaars so very fortunate (& blessed)?

Well I will explore a bit more on this and get back.

C ya soon Capt Ahmed

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