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Lift mein BHOOT

Updated: Nov 28, 2019

It was late at night after the meeting and we wanted to head for dinner, Drained out in the treacherous heat, we had no energy left to climb down the stairs. We were praying that, wish the lift was working that late also.

Where did the lady disappear?

While office was being closed we heard a shriek from near the lift. We rushed to the lift and to our surprise found the lift doors wide open, as if waiting for us. But what was more shocking was the expression of the watchman who was on the rounds.

We followed his gaze and realized the reason the lift doors were not closing.

It was a sandal. Just a single one. Whose was that. Who left there at that part of night. All the stories of childhood was running everyone's mind. But no one was saying a word. Watchman was visibly nervous and we all were trying to put up a courageous front. But no one was moving even an inch to remove the sandal and make the lift functional.

"Ayeeee...."...., suddenly there was a voice of woman from nowhere and we all were shaken up.

While we were wondering we heard Saloni saying, "kya bheed laga rakha hai idhar, chalte kyon nahni. Bhookh lagi hai." (Why are you all standing here.. Why are you not moving. I am damn hungry) Watchman said, "Madam chappal..." indicating the sandal on the lift door.

Saloni went ahead saying, "to..., Chappal nahin rakh sakte kya yahaan" (Can the sandals not be kept here), While saying that she went ahead and wore the sandal...

We all were shocked to see that it was her sandal.

The scary late night scene

She coolly said, "arrey sir kaun wait karta phir se lift aane ka, to mai lift ko apne floor par hold kar ke samaan lene chali gayee" (Who would wait again for the lift to come up, so I stopped the lift at our floor, using my slipper)

We all just burst out in laughter and she was least bothered to know as to what happened with the watchman just few minutes back.

This whole incident reminds me of my childhood, when we used to travel to villages by bus. People used to leave a handkerchief to reserve a seat and honestly no body used to occupy that seat.

Saloni are you also from the same region I hail from?

With an upLIFTing story again,

C ya soon

Capt Ahmed


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