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Jammun Jars

Look what I discovered this time on the streets of Hyderabad - Jamun-Jar.

Jamun used to be a common tree in most of the backyards of old houses in India..., but was not among the favorite trees like Mango or Neem.

Reason, the wood of Jamun tree is quite brittle.

As a young lad I remember that we all used to climb trees while playing chhupan-chhupai (hide & seek) and many times some or the other guy used to fall from the Jamun tree, as the branch used to break away.

Second reason was, the muck created with the falling jamuns in the season. The whole area under the tree used to get purple. One could not sit under the tree as the stain of Jamun never used to go and the clothes were spoiled for the lifetime,


But today, while I don't see enough Jamun trees around I feel good that Jamun's medicinal value has placed it among the list of costly and exotic fruits..., and the wood of Jamun that was hated for being brittle is being used today in a very innovative way.

I was in Balamrai area and saw a crowd near the Idgah, and there I discovered these Jamun-Jars.

Two brothers Hussain & Shamsi, have made jars (glasses) out of Jamun wood. They claim that these jars reduce sugar levels in 30 days time. As per their instructions, keep water in the jar for whole night and drink the water empty stomach, next morning. Continue for a month and you can see the results in the blood sugar levels. WOW.

This method of using Jamun tree wood for glasses was thought by their grandfather who used to soak Jamun wood in water and consume. Later they started making jars to give an interesting twist to the humble Jamun wood.

What a great marketing innovation. Who would have bought a piece a wood to soak in water, otherwise?

The jars on the roadside attract everyone's attention. In the LED era when everything is oh-so bling these simple earthy looking jars are so soothing to eyes. It's so peaceful to look at, that you just get mesmerised and want to touch & feel.

Effect or no effect, all those who bought those jars were full of positive energy that this will work wonders for sugar affected relatives at home. And that positiveness was the first point of healing.

The positive faith, what this Jamun Jar got in the crowd, was amazing. As they say, faith moves mountains so I am sure that the faith in Jamun's medicinal value will move sugar also, away.

So let's say thanks to Jamun tree and I will try to get the sugar results (if possible) from few who bought.

C ya soon

Capt Ahmed

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