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No water. No food. Just air to survive.

That's how the fasting in Ramzaan goes....

...and these 30 days are a test of faith for human kind And God has always been generous,.. specially to those who take His tests and He rewards them beyond expectations.

IFTAAR is one such reward.

Every Rozadaar (one who fasts during Ramzaan month) in the evening, opens fast with khajoor (dates) & water and followed by Namaz & Dinner.

But over a period, Iftaar time has become a time for feasting. Iftaar feasting has become a platform to preserve traditional culinary delights which in day to day life are not prepared.

Fruit chaat, pakoras, dahi wadas, bread rolls, black grams, kachari (boiled or soaked chana daal), Haleem and much more. The tastes of these delicacies are very different in the month of Ramzaans. Trust me.

During Ramzaans, kitchens of every Muslim brother & sister spreads out so much aroma during evening hours that the complete neighborhood gets tempted. If you are close enough with your Muslim neighbours then drop in for an Iftaar party (but for sure after the Maghrib Namaz).

Today Iftaar parties have become fashionable but the real essence of Iftaar is to share whatever you have in your plate, with your friends, families and neighbours.

If you have a Rozedaar next to you try making an Iftaar for him or her, you too will get the blessings and of course lots of self satisfaction.

And if not, then travel to the streets of old city Charminaar area, Toichowki, Mehdipatnam, Masabtank are the areas where you can catch on the traditional Iftaars.

So go ahead and start feasting on Iftaar. Streets of Hyderabad are the right place for it.

C ya soon

Capt Ahmed

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