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How FREE is our country?

How free is our country, I realized it last night.

How authoritatively we use this freedom, that also I learnt yesterday

...and how we curb away this 'I-am-free-to-do-what-I-want' spirit, also I discovered last night

Urinating in public is quite a normal site on streets of any city, town or village of India. Where ever one feels the urge (specially male citizens) they don't mind finding a wall or a tree or may be any corner which is littered; to ease themselves.

What a pity, it's not just lower strata homeless people but people from mostly all walks of life.They are hardly bothered whether they are being seen or if the stench is causing anunbearable atmosphere to breathe in or there are ladies who are walking or traveling by public transport who try their level best to give an expression that they have not seen a well-dressed animal creating a puddle.

'URINATING IN PUBLIC is my birthright'... all the people with this mindset change 180 degrees when they visit Europe, Dubai or US.

In these tourist destinations urinating in public is a crime and there are paid urinals at brief intervals. Every time you need to ease yourself you need to pay around 50 to 100 (in Indian currency) or may be more.

So all the FREE birdies suddenly become toilet-trained. They don't feel the urge to ease till they see a FREE URINAL service. Why this control is not franchised when in India, our own motherland?

In India we don't have great toilet facilities on streets but why should we forget SULABH shauchalay. Government took the initiative and they were pretty good and neat. But still people preferred easing outside on the walls of Sulabh and not use the service because one needs to pay a 50 paise or 1 Ruppee?

It is the tough implementation of rules that is required in India and not just facilities.

We Indians majorly don't value freedom and that's why we look for someone to come and dictate to us as to what we should do. So we need constant policing.

We need to give freedom to few wise men (& women) to educate us as to how we should enjoy our freedom and make the FREE INDIA a better India and not a stinking one.

So next time you walk on the street just click the image of a person violating the walls and public places and start posting here or on your own walls.

I am going to begin this. Let's not just talk about change, let us try to bring change. Hopefully these images will trigger that 'will-I-be-clicked' fear and may be someone will decide not to go public.

Let's try to make every street a stink-free street

C ya soon

Capt Ahmed

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