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Heroes I met... Subhash & Nagesh

Messiahs move around even today.

...it's only during the hard times that you actually see them or acknowledge their existence.

You can take it as my own confession.

With the lock-down on to fight the Corona Pandemic, we all are cocooned in the safety of our homes. CORONA has really done the impossible! We all, the so busy people have suddenly gone totally 'vella' (free). The only work for us during this period is to find extra comforts in the comforting atmosphere of our homes.

Sleep, eat, TV, chat, tik-tok, video games, board games etc.

Children are actually amused to see the other sides and shades of us. Strange!

They are suddenly observing the graying of our hair, the wrinkles on our face, the difficulty in our getting up from the floor and also the hidden talents of caring for home and ration and water and AC and fan and light and...

Well well..., I am sorry to have deviated.

I was sitting in my drawing room, working on my lap top.

Sun was heating up outside, ready to turn our homes into an oven.

Though I was confined to the four walls of my home, I was contributing big-time to 'Save-the-Nature' campaign..., yes.

I had not even switched on my AC.

I just had the fan running on full swing.

While I was sipping on my cool glass of rose-water drink, the door bell rang...

I was astonished! 'Who could it be..., at this hour!? No, not at this hour, but in this situation..., when the police patrol is enforcing any and everybody on the roads to stay home, who is this person who has dared?'

HEROes I met fighting the Corona war

Thinking all this I went to the door and saw the cooking gas delivery boy. Dressed in company uniform and face covered with handkerchief, he was carrying a gas cylinder. No gloves, no proper mask. But full of energy and sweat. He was not bothered about the Sun or the Corona, he was just eager to finish his duty.

I was stunned. While the whole world was following the Prime Minister's Janta curfew and lock-down, this guy was risking himself delivering gas cylinders, so that we could cook, eat and be comfortable during the lock-down.

I felt a bit uncomfortable that somewhere, 'is it me who is responsible for him to come out during these tough times?'

...and to win over my guilt, I could just ask...,"Paani piyoge bhaiyya" (Will you have water)

He just handed over the empty water bottle he was carrying.

Subhash and Nagesh were busy uploading the empty cylinders. I gave them back the filled water bottle. While they were winding up. I just asked, "Thank you bhaiyya. Aap khayaal to rakh re hona apna?". (Are you taking care of yourselves?)

They smiled and said..., "Haan saab poora naak cover karke jaata hoon. Aap ne paani poochha bhot achcha laga" (We cover our nose while going. you asked for water we liked it)

They started their delivery van..., to help someone else..., for some other home to keep the cooking on, in their kitchen.

I could see their van turning into the next lane. Slowly the noise of the van died down. Once again there was an empty road, cars parked, The rustling of the leaves and Sun throwing dappling shadows on the road. No human, no movement.

What moved..., was just my heart for the unselfish work these Heroes were doing

I actually met the messiahs today. They blessed me with few clicks before they left.

Subhash & Nagesh - HEROES, I met fighting the Corona War.


and the HEROes moved on to help others

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