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Heera - Moti

Munshi Premchand. I rediscovered this legendary writer on the streets of Hyderabad.

I think most of us might remember his story "Heera-Moti- do bailon ki katha" which was part of our syllabus in class 4th or 5th.

It was a strong representation of bonding between two animals and between animals & their master. The animals were two Ox (hira & moti) and the master a poor farmer(Jhoori) in an Indian Village.

I had read it as a child but it has made a lasting impression on my mind. So while i was maneuvering in the lanes of Vanasthalipuram I saw healthy, white and bright impressive cattle with great horns.

I immediately uttered, "hira moti".

It was a shed of a local milkman..., and the cattle were no ox but beautiful cows eating green grass and the nourishing feed that was provided to them.

The cows were disturbed with an unknown man next to them but allowed me to touch them and caress their necks.

I suddenly felt I am in Jhuri's home and trying to feel the warmth and love Hira Moti shared for their master.Premchand ji, you were truly a wordsmith. And one of the biggest proof is me who is meeting you in the streets of Hyderabad through your writings.



Guys you must try to read Munshi Premchand if you really want to know how India was during that era and even now some parts of rural India are living the same way what we used to read in his stories.

Hope I meet Munshi Premchand soon again. Will let you know about that incident too.

C ya soon

Capt Ahmed

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