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Freshness comes in many ways

Freshness comes in many ways.

...and I am not talking about synthetic deodorants or cool drinks.

You can find freshness on the roads & street of mostly any Indian city.

While exploring the streets of Hyderabad, what caught my attention was the freshness of mint leaves and mogras.

Once you are in your car, these wonder fresheners are just part of the rush on the roads. But when you are walking you can actually experience the impact these natural-fresheners make on your mind.

Mogra - is a flower with very strong yet pleasant fragrance which soothes your senses. Many mogra flowers are threaded together and are used as a hair-accessory. In Hindi speaking belts of India this is called a "gajra"

And the green mint leaves not just provide cooling to your eyes (to look at) but when used in Pana / jal-jeera / Pudeene ka paani (summer drinks of India) it also cools down the body and helps in fighting the ill effects of heat.

I must say that since the time I started walking (once again) I am exploring the same streets with a different outlook. I feel so much relaxed, so much fresh, so much Indian.

With some more natural fresheners from the streets of Hyderabad, I will return.

C ya soon

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