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Filter Coffee

What wakes up most of the households in South India? Need I tell that?

Well as we all know, it is Pure Filter Coffee....but seems, like all pure things vanishing, the pure filter coffee too is somewhere being neglected.

With invasion of cappuccino, espresso, latte, mocha etc the original and pure filter coffee seems to be taking a back seat. The fast emerging cafes at every nook & corner of metros & cities of India are trying to develop new taste today and want to rule the taste buds of majority of consumer.

Well not yet.

The local and pure flavor of filter coffee is still very well preserved..., not just in grandma's kitchen but also in the local tiffin centers.

And I discovered one such place while walking on the streets of Vidyanagar near Osmania university.

The whole process from making to sipping the hot pure filter coffee was a wholesome experience.....many supermarkets are trying to make a big mark but the warm smile of local kirana stores are still alluring.....big malls are trying to pamper you in every little way but a stroll in the children's park is still worth a million ....huge spreads of buffets may be tempting and filling but the fun of having a phuchka or Gol-gappa on the road side is still the yummiest moment

In similar fashion the freshness of filter coffee still rules..., and nothing like it to have it in a tiffin center next to your home (if not in your home)

Wish I can walk for at least 30 minutes in the markets & on the streets, daily to discover the life that gets hidden behind the window glasses of a car.

C ya soon

Capt Ahmed

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