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Eco Friendly

Sunday morning... ...and it was a real good one.

I was driving and while negotiating a speed breaker noticed this old man playing with mud.

That scene was so gripping that I had on other option but to apply breaks and park my car on a side.

This old man Ramu was spending time with his cute little granddaughters. Clad in typical village style dhoti & shirt he was least bothered about anything. He was sitting under the shade of some trees next to a compound wall of a big house.

Using my broken Telugu, his broken Hindi and with the help of this amazing translator Nitisha (his granddaughter), I could make out that Ramu was from Mahboobnagar and was visiting his son who was a driver in the same colony.

By now I noticed that he was actually making Ganesha using the mud. With his shivering hands, he was not a good sculptor but he was doing what most of us don't do.

He was not shouting slogans or posting on Social Media about ECO FRIENDLY GANESHAS..., he was actually practicing what most of the media and people preach....and he was making these Ganesha idols using his backyard mud for many years now. As per him the Ganesha must dissolve completely in water after immersion.

Meanwhile the girls got some flowers from some plants and kept it near the mud to be used as an offering.

An illiterate old man was showing the Eco friendly path to his third generation. I was touched.

I shook hands with the old man and said thank you. He didn't know why I thanked him but then you and I, we all know the reason.

Let us all thank such great people, whenever and where ever we see..., and follow what they are doing. World will certainly be a better place.

C ya soon.

Capt Ahmed 98495 94334

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