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Updated: May 30, 2019

While demonetization has crowded the ATMs & Banks..., the streets are taking a sigh of relief.

Empty or thin traffic on roads, is actually a big welcome. Driving around has become easy and walking on the streets once again happening.

I was on the way to have the chaat and samaosa near Parklane, and I found the notes of 500 and 1000 being piled up on the streets.

I was shocked.

I stopped by and I was astonished to see that these were not the demonetized currency but wallets made out of fabric. The currency was printed on the base material.

Honestly, it was a brilliant idea but was being sold at Rs 20 on the streets. The wallets (though not a great quality) were looking amazing and were actually attractive .

I tried speaking to the seller but he was too busy managing the crowd. He could only say that..., "these are made in China" (But I doubt on his knowledge). Whosoever thought of the idea was sheer brilliant as it was timed so well.

Out of curiosity people were gathering and buying one or two, just for the amusement factor.

I had heard of a story of a king falling off from the throne..., if that is true then the currency of Rs 500 & Rs 1000, seems to be that king. But in most of the stories the king used to get his throne back. Will that part also be true?

Well let the time tell. However, my walking will not be irregular anymore and I will keep adding on many more such street wonders.

C ya soon

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