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Nimbu Panni

43 degrees.

Piercing harsh Sun rays. Non stop sweating.

...and amidst this heat Telangana, the 29th state of India, is born.

Political oath taking ceremony kept many busy.

2000 odd extra policemen were on duty. Despite strict traffic controls, SD Road faced a traffic jam.

I couldn't take out my car so forcefully was hunting for a rick. I had to walk nearly a km before I got one. During this forced walking in the harsh Sun, I observed that the life of a common man was hardly affected by this new creation.

Most of the street dwellers were busy praying for the fervor to get over so that regular pedestrians can come and do some shopping. Everyone was looking for a respite.

Few from the disturbed running business, few from the traffic woes and few from the scorching Sun.

I was looking for respite specially from the second & third reasons. As soon as I got the auto I sat and rushed to Abids where I had a meeting. Surprisingly I reached in just 14 minutes. The roads were mostly empty as the whole focus today was in Secunderabad.


As I got down I saw the refreshing nimbu-paani guy. The look itself was heat-quenching. Painstakingly the lemons were stocked in Pyramid shape. Such a tempting view.

There was already a rush for that. I got down and admired the whole set-up before I was given my glass of salt&sweet nimbu-paani....oh no... it was different. It was Lemon-juice mixed with soda. It was much more freshening than the regular nimbu-paani.

Soaking my soul into this freshness I was totally refreshed for my meeting.

So while I do the follow up on my work, you too go and get a glass on a nimbu-soda at a 'bandi' next to you.

C ya soon

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