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A mother is a mother...

Extremes of affection and selfishness both, were discovered on the streets of Hyderabad

I was visiting Yapral, next to the Cantt area and discovered a huge land of agriculture still intact, right there where concrete jungle is cropping up at a jet speed.

Seems like time had stood still in these acres for past 50 to 100 years. Fresh blue skyline, pleasing greenery of farm and hot harsh sun giving a different texture to earth. Only the noise of a tube well running somewhere and few birds chirping.

While I was admiring this natural beauty, I found a milkman's shed close by and what held my attention was this piece hanging on the pole. Striking against the blue sky, it was something weird I had ever seen.

I went close by and observed. Honestly I didn't want to believe what I was seeing.

Yes, it was a carcass of a buffalo calf.

I asked Sunder, the attender in the shed about it and he said, "saab oo katda hai, mar gail raha" (Sir this is a calf which died). On inquiring why this way it is put here, he continued...,

"wo kaa hai naa, bhainsiya katde ka khusboo soongh kar doodh deti hai. Ab katdaa to mar gaya, to ooka sareer ma se haddi maans nikaal kar ke bhoos bhar deit hain... aur aisan latka deta hain"

What he was saying was... "the buffalo gives milk when she gets the smell of her calf. And once the calf dies, we remove bones and flesh from the calf's body. The fill the skin with hay. Then we sew the skin and keep it in the shed".

As per him, if they don't do like this the buffalo will stop giving milk and there will be a loss.

I was astonished.

A mother is a mother..., be it a human or an animal.

For her child a mother will do anything..., here too just with the smell of the carcass and the mother buffalo is satisfied that her new born is next to her and she gives out her affection in the form of milk...

...and how selfish we human beings are to capitalize on this mother's emotion.

We make business even out of the dead.

While I was moved for the mother buffalo I realised that there is no fault of this milkman too. He is simply trying to keep up to demand and supply chain.

...and better for mother buffalo too. If she stops giving milk she will be a burden on the milkman and he will throw her out of the shed.

It's just a cycle, you make me happy I will keep you happy. Should I really feel sad?

Well while you ponder, I will jump to some other street.

C ya soon.

Capt Ahmed

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