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Dhan dhana dhan dhan Dhan dhana dhan dhan Dhan dhana dhan dhan

...the beating of drums & the music of sannai (shehnai) was going non stop last evening while I was in Secunderabad.

I went to the lane from where the music was coming..., and wow..., it was the bonalu procession.

The potharaju (a topless man with body covered with turmeric and who is generally in a trance) with a huge flowered pot on hid head was dancing to the beats. The crowd in and around were touching his feet and taking blessings. The pot that potharaju carries has a picture or idol of Goddess Mahankali.

The drum beats and the dancing potharaju were mesmerising... It appeared as if the trance is slowly being passed on to the crowd too. Couple of people unknowingly started tapping their feet and nodding their heads. And few of them actually joined the potharaju in dancing.

One of the onlookers requested to take the pot on his head and the potharaju obliged. WOW....

It was quite a breathtaking moment. I relished it thoroughly and now I am eagerly waiting to catch on the other Bonalu procession.

Hope I get some more insights.

C you soon. Capt Ahmed

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