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Be a Santa!!

Christmas went by but Santa didn't come to the streets of Hyderabad.

Flying sleigh with reindeers, xmas trees, well decorated churches, christmas cakes, well wrapped gifts, all the fancies of Christmas was there BUT the Santa was absent.

Children on the streets were still homeless. They still didn't have an idea of their next meal. They still didn't had proper clothes to fight the chill of winters.

But they were in their own world.

They looked at well dressed kids sitting in cars or on bikes and what I saw was nothing but a question in their eyes? Mechanically they raised their hands but eyes were wide open with a deeeeeeep question.

...but the very next moment these children embrace reality and get busy in their fun jobs of begging or playing amongst the busy traffic waiting for the green signal.

When will the Santa dressed in red come and light the green lights in these children's lives?

Everyday these street urchins are waiting for some Santa to come in their lives but this seems to be a distant reality as of now.

Well I would like to be a Santa on the streets of Hyderabad...., will you also become a Santa?

Think and update your Santa events. I am going to gift few smiles and make an effort to make everyday a Christmas, Eid or Diwali for these little neglected angels on the streets of hyderabad.

C ya soon

Capt Ahmed www,

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