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Ballon to Lamp

Balloons can shape out to be some great lamps. Sounds unbelievable but its a reality on streets of Hyderabad.

The other day I went to Numaish - the annual exhibition of Hyderabad, (I will tell you more interesting facts about Numaish later) and in one of the lanes these colourful lamps arrested my attention.

I couldn't help and started asking KIran Lal, the stall owner about the material it is made of. He kept saying it is made out of threads (as was visible) but that perfection of threads into a round shape was not possible. I asked him if he made them using balloons and he was surprised. He said very few people guess that the initial base to set threads is a balloon.

He and his family is into this lamp making business for past four years and he generally participates in such exhibitions to make a living. Setting threads on a balloon and then making it a beautiful finished product that too like an electrical lamp is quite an art. I feel that this talent must be recognised and given a bigger platform and support.

These thread lamps can withhold up to 100 watt bulbs too, but he recommends to use a CFL instead. These were one of my best finds of Numaish this year. Rest of the stalls are just regular.

So go ahead, light up your homes and lives..., and help others shoo away darkness from theirs.

C ya soon

Capt Ahmed

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