• Capt SN Ahmed

An Able Man

I met an ABLE man..., on the streets of Hyderabad. Really.

Meet Murtaza Qadri...

To avoid the tensions of traffic I prefer taking a public transport or an auto. Like any other day I stopped an auto and sat inside. The auto driver just asked me my destination, switched on the meter and started driving.

I was impressed as most of them don't go by meter and I always get down and take another auto. But this man without a word on extra 10 or anything did his job.

Only after 5 minutes I noticed a crutch which was neatly kept next to driving seat, taking support of the meter. I assumed he must be recovering from some bone injury and continued on my phone calls. This is another big advantage of taking a public transport. You can talk to anyone while travelling. No danger and for most of us..., no challan.

I reached my destination and while he was taking our change I casually asked him, "why this crutch?"

...and he in more casual way answered, "ek pair nahin hai na mera."(I don't have a leg, that's why?)

I was stunned.

I got down and took the change. Hiding my expressions I asked him, "Kaise (how)?"

He said, "by birth only I had just one leg. The other leg never had a shin bone."

Today he is 55. Married for 25 years and a proud father. He has a young daughter. While talking to me he thanked God and his parents.

He was one among 5 sisters and 3 brothers. His father was a mechanic but never ill treated him for his disability. He was grown like any other child. He passed his SSC from Govt. Boys School, Yaqutpura in Hyderabad.

Murtaza says,"as a child I did use to feel bad as to why God has been so ruthless, but I accepted the truth in my teenage itself". He knew that his leg will not grow and he started doing petty jobs to earn his pocket money and also to earn his self confidence.

He is extremely thankful to his friend (late) Afsar who taught him how to drive an auto.

Since then he made auto driving his living. Though being one legged he is a fantastic auto driver, follows traffic rules and is extremely well behaved.

He is one among the few who teach all of us, the so called normal people, as to how not to crib but make the most of what we have.

He is a perfect example of an "ABLE perfect MAN"

Anyone of you my friends, who see a disable person in your neighbourhood, pl share their stories and in case someone is dejected pl tell them about Murtaza Qadri.

C you soon

Capt Ahmed www.captionz.biz

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