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I am sure this was a reason to feel sad only.

As a child I had been glaring in the empty skies for hours together. The blue ocean atop, used to have waves of white clouds coming and going. Making vivid shapes. And I tried to identify objects in them.

Sometime I used to find an elephant; sometimes a tree; sometimes a horse; sometimes a face.... well I am sure even you would have done the same, sometime or the other

I had grown up in far off places and we used to hardly have company of the same age group. So in free time, which was in abundance, I used to lie down on my roof top and observe the big vast sky and allow my imaginations to take shape on it.

Many times other than the white clouds, I could see the birds flying in big circles. And these were nothing else but eagles and vultures.

People generally read about the sharp eagle's eyes but we have experienced it too.

In front of my house there was an open grass field and one day I have seen one eagle striking down in great speed and by the time I could see, it was flying back again...; but this time with a huge wild rat in it's claws.

The villagers used to tell that these kites (cheel) fly at least 5 km above the ground, still can see a dead body or a moving body worth a prey. Well today I watch that on the Discovery, every now and then.

Wonder how did those farmers in remote villages knew about it?

Well, all these childhood memories struck me one day, when I found an Eagle crossing the road.

Even I was shocked.

It was strolling across an empty road near an apartment.

We four of friends, were aghast seeing this. We were wondering as to why and how is this possible but it kept walking. Without any inhibitions it kept walking on it's claws and entered the premises of the building.

We stood still..., more than admiring we were bit scared too. But the kite kept strolling towards a little puddle of water on the driveway.

It entered the water and started drinking. The kite was drinking water as if it was thirsty for long or as if it was the end for its life.

We all silently left without disturbing the kite as we were getting late. But one thought kept pondering our minds as to why a kite was strolling in an inhabited area.

Have we humans encroached so much on their territory that the beauty of wild is forced to enter the living spaces of humans? Sad.

The concrete jungle has sucked up all the water in cities. Killed all the greenery. Have stolen all the natural resources.

Where will these poor souls will go?

I hope we do something so that we see no other kite crawling or strolling but be there, flying high in the ocean of skies and fill in the landscape of dreamy little eyes of the children of coming generations.

C ya soon

Capt Ahmed 9849594334

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