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Pathargatti, the street that takes you to Charminar, has a different charm now a days.

Yes, it is Ramzaan time and the streets of old city look different, feel different and smell different.

Smell? Well once again my nose did the job... and this time it was not dosa.

The honking horns of traffic were overpowered by the quawwalis which were being played somewhere close by. The crowd was increasing with every passing minute and so was the heat of the Sun.

But then there was a sweet smell in the air that was freshening up the atmosphere. What was that? I knew it was the fragrance of Itra (scent made out of Natural ingredients) but where was it coming from? I started searching for it...

It was a small makeshift stall that displayed beautiful glass bottles filled with colourful liquids.

It was so beautiful..., a look at the bottles and one can travel back to the story times. The bottles were old, few of them real old and may hold antique value. And few were the new age perfume bottles filled up with the Itra.

But all in all the bottles were looking beautiful.

I felt as if a 'jinn' (Ginnie) will come out, the moment we open the bottle.

Well the 'Jinn" didn't come out but as Mohammed Naseer was opening each bottle, a beautiful fragrance used to fill in the air. No less magical than the 'Jinnats' of fairy tales. Bahaar Kashish Mamuaa Pahadi phool Jannatul firdaus Gulab ............. and so much more.

After smelling all the above I was stuffed with fragrance for rest of the day. But Mohammed Naseer was continuing. His enthusiasm was as fresh as his Itra.

Finally he mixed two of them 'Bahaar & Kashish' and the outcome was awesome. The breeze was carrying it all over..., I recollected this was the smell that pulled me to this stall. No wonder three more customers stopped by and started checking out.

This is the power of a product. If a product is great even a basic exposure can make it a big success. But the product must be as clear, pure and true in it's feature as these Itra were...

Well, why don't try you too try out few varieties of Itra this season? Share your experiences too. ...in the meanwhile I will carry on to get you other attractions of Ramzaans from the streets of Hyderabad.

C ya soon

Capt Ahmed www.captionz.biz

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