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...but it was my Nose, that won this time.

Updated: May 26, 2019

Streets of Hyderabad becomes sinful at times.

Seriously, for all the weight watchers it acts as the tempting devil.

In every nook and corner of Hyderabad, you find something unexplored and there goes your diet for a six & weight, of course for the boundaries.

Siddiamber bazar, a hot spot for business, keeps your movement slow. Thanks to the heavy traffic. This is an area where we find cycle rickshaws, hand kart, autos, tempos, mini trucks, trolleys besides cars & bikes. This, crossing the roads of manually operated vehicles, is what causes the traffic jams. Quite frustrating for many.

Pizaa Dosa

But I honestly thank these jams sometimes as you are forced to observe the area around you. I got to observe hotel Rajdhani, the Masala market, Tyre market and the beautiful Jama Masjid, right in the center of the road. (Interesting..., I will write on the religious structures in the middle of road very soon)

That day also there was a traffic slow down and as usual my eyes were keen to discover something new..., but it was my Nose, that won this time.

Yes, a strong aroma filled my nostrils. I followed the aroma in it's direction and what came in front of me was simply out of the world.

It was a dosa-bandi on the roadside. Long Iron plate (Tawa) on the cart and well organised utensils for batter and other ingredients. The bandi was surrounded by dosa lovers. In the summer heat of 42 degrees, the heat around this dosa-bandi was may be an extra 2 degrees. But the cook was not shaken.

Dosa magic in making

The speed of dosa making was awesome and also the art. Varieties of dosas other than plain & masala were: Pizza dosa, cheese dosa, Onion dosa & Paneer dosa. And this guy had a style.

He was so good that looking at his expertise was a delight in itself. The style in which he used pizza cutter on the dosas was exemplary. And finally when my eyes were satisfied I decided to taste each one and mind you they were competing for the 'BEST TASTE BUDS AWARD'.

Can't wait more

I strongly recommend for all those who love to indulge in food, this Dosa-bandi is a must. People who have weak stomach or an allergy at the look of oil, please don't even try looking at this place. Each dosa gets a generous big serving spoon full of oil in it.

So weight watchers..., if you are just watching your weight grow, then come here and indulge; and those who are strictly watching to control the weight, skip it.

... so while you make your decision, I will continue looking forward for another traffic jam.

C ya soon

Capt Ahmed

extra help of cheese...

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