• Capt SN Ahmed

Streets are like ocean

Streets are like ocean. One can not imagine what gems are hidden within.

I was in Kothapet yesterday and this old bullock cart caught my attention. It felt as if history is rotting up in a clumsy surroundings.

This bullock cart made primarily of wood was a treat to look at. Simple, sober and yet so splendid.

I couldn't resist myself and took a closer look. This discarded looking piece was actually a piece of admiration. A humble carving was proving the fact that how much we Indians are creatively inclined. In everything we do there is a touch of creativity.

Initially I thought it was discarded but I was wrong..., it was still used sometimes to get the fodder for the cattle from nearby fields. This dead looking structure was still alive and was means of life for someone. WOW. It was down but not out.

We just don't need to run or rush always. We must take a pause, if not break from this fast moving daily schedule and so many such marvels will bring peace and solace to us.

Take out some time from this bhagti-daudti-zindagi and I bet you will discover so many such wonders, tucked may be in our own neighborhood.

Do share the moment you find that your streets have become oceans.

C ya soon Capt Ahmed www.captionz.biz.

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